Moles are dark spots on the body that we have from birth and then acquire throughout our lives. They are an accumulation of melanin, a dark pigment in the layers of the skin. Let’s talk about why they are needed and why it is so important to monitor their condition.

No one knows exactly why we need moles. Someone argues that this is how the body protects itself from the harmful effects of the environment, others believe that the abundance of moles increases the risk of skin cancer.

What are the causes of moles?

There are several main reasons for their appearance. Here are a few factors that provoke the appearance of moles on the body:

exposure to ultraviolet radiation (maybe you noticed that from every vacation at sea you bring with you a couple of new moles on your body);
heredity (it is this factor that determines the number of moles);
hormones (for example, pregnancy or taking contraceptives – anything that changes the hormonal background).